Comparison of Isla Vista Beach Cliff 1993 to 2012.

February 1993 - Concrete pilings are well exposed beneath house F, but none beneath the other houses. January 2002 - Concrete pilings apparently eroded away from beneath House F, but others are starting to be exposed beneath houses G and H. Houses E and F have been cut back.
peak hus 2012
March 2008 - House H has been cut back since 2002, and a second piling is visible beneath house G. March 2012 - Some of the front of House G has removed, and its balcony has been cut back. Pilings beneath house H are more exposed than in 2008. Carpet has been tacked on the cliff face beneath houses E, F, and H to retard surface erosion.
  January 2017 - Pilings beneath house G and H are more exposed at cliff base than in 2012.

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