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Isla Vista Beach Cliff Erosion, 1989-2017 - B&W pictures taken and copyrighted © by Robert M. Norris. Presented here by permission.


Winter 1989 - Balconies are undercut beneath each house, and a supporting concrete piling for House F is exposed at 5.


February 1990 - Two concrete pilings are exposed beneath House F and none beneath House E.


February 1991 - The base of a third concrete piling beneath house F is exposed..


February 1993 - A concrete piling is exposed beneath House F, and the lower half of the rightmost concrete piling at 5 looks to be standing free. Compare with 2002.


March 1999 - Almost all of five concrete pilings beneath House F are exposed, two concrete pilings are exposed beneath House H, and two concrete pilings, allegedly added "recently" are exposed beneath House F. Compare especially with February 1990.


January 2002 - Concrete pilings beneath house F have disappeared. Those beneath houses E, G, and H are being exposed. The boulders at the base of the cliff are winter beach rocks, not artificial armoring. Compare with 1993. This scene is virtually unchanged on 21 January 2004.


January 18, 2005 - the piles beneath the peaked house on the right first became visible in 1999, and its foundation beam is undercut in the 1993 image. The pile beneath the second house from the right did not show up in our pictures until January 2002, and its foundation beam is undercut 2002. Look at the sunbathers beneath the house. Photo courtesy of Santa Barbara County Water Agency.


March 2, 2007 - Houses E and F have been cut back since 2005. At house H, the pilings exposed in 2005 have been removed, and the porch and balcony at house H have been modified. ©AGS2007


April 1, 2008 - Little change has occurred since 2007. The concrete pilings beneath houses G and H have become a little more exposed. ©AGS2008 March 20, 2012, 3 pm - The balcony and front of house G have been cut back. Carpet has been tacked to the face of the cliff to retard erosion beneath houses E, F, and H. ©AGS2012.


January 25, 2017 - Little change since 2012 beneath houses G and H, except erosion has exposed more of the pillar bases at the bottom of the cliff. Considerable cliff recession has occurred in front of house E, which in 1993 extended out beyond house F and has been cut back.

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