Cliff Retreat at "Sea Fence" Houses, 1987-2007-2014.

February 1987
March 2007

Houses A and B are extant in both pictures. Houses C and D, have been cut back in the 2007 picture. Notice that concrete pillars below the houses are almost completely exposed in 2007. Although the piling fence may mitigate frontal wave attack, water sloshes around the fence at each end to carry away rock and sand from the retreating cliff. ©AGS2007.

February 2014
January 2017

Dramatic changes from 1987 through 2007 to 2014 are clearly evident. In 1987 pillars beneath the four houses are just being exposed. They are almost fully exposed in 2007. Since then, the rock around pillars beneath houses A and B has eroded away, leaving just the bottoms of six of nine pillars that were extant in 1987 and 2007. The fronts of houses A and B appear to have been modified since 2007. None of the pillars beneath house D in 2007 were extant in 2014. The big bush beneath house B in 2014 is gone in 2017, and erosion exposed two more pillars beneath house B. ©AGS2014.

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