UCSB Beach Chronologic Sequence - April 1972 to January 2020

UCSB Beach, 4 February 2016. 11:56 am, 0 ft tide following a 5 ft. high tide at 6:10 am; -0.2 ft. low tide at 1:33 pm.
UCSB Beach, 25 February 2016. 12:13 pm, +3.6 ebb tide after +4.4 high tide at 10:43 am. ©AGS2016
UCSB Beach, 7 March 2016. 6:58 am, +5.6 ft. high tide. ©AGS2016
UCSB Beach, 7 March 2016. 8:37 am, +5.5 ft ebb tide. An hour and a half later, the waves are still breaking against the cliff
UCSB Beach, 12 May 2016. 11:02 am, +1.1 ft ebb tide. All is well after the March storm, even with a thin layer of sandy beach. ©AGS2016
UCSB Beach, 30 June 2016. 11:03 am, +1.6 ft. low tide before a +6.2 high tide at 7:08 pm. This was a time of King Tides. Notice the small rock slide with pampas grass at the base of the cliff. ©AGS2016
UCSB Beach, 28 July 2016. 11:00 am, +0.9 ft low tide before a 5.9 ft high tide at 5:57 pm. Hardly any change over the past month. ©AGS2016
UCSB Beach, 17 November 2016. 12:55 pm, +4 ft ebb tide following +6.2 ft high tide at 10:45 am. Sand has been removed down to bedrock. Another big clump of pampas grass has tumbled down from the cliff onto the beach. ©AGS2016
UCSB Beach, 22 December 2016. 0900 hrs, +2.7 tide. Between minor tropical storm on 21 December and anticipated Arctic storm on 23 December. The clump of pampas grass, now dead, is still on the beach. Pockets of cobbles left from previous storm are banked up against cliff. Beach has a thin cover of sand.©AGS2016.

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