UCSB Beach Chronologic Sequence, April 1972 - January 2020


UCSB Beach, 3 January 2014. 1:50 pm, +3.2 ft tide. A little water has ponded behind a slightly bulging sand beach. ©AGS2014
UCSB Beach, 9 January 2014. 12:59 pm, +1 ft tide. ©AGS2014
UCSB Beach, 4 February 2014. 10:01 am, +2 ft tide, rising to 3.9 ft at 12:52 pm. A class is studying the kelp that has washed upon the beach. ©AGS2014
UCSB Beach 3 March 2014

UCSB Beach - 3 March 2014, 0845 hrs, high tide due at 10:54 hrs = +4.6'. Until the storm two days before, waves had not reached the base of the cliffs in over two years, but waves beat against the cliffs during this storm. All the beach sand has been removed down to bedrock. © AGS2014.

UCSB Beach, 17 March 2014. 11:10 am, +4.1 ft tide. Waves are lapping up against a fresh rock slide. ©AGS2014
UCSB Beach, 21 August 2014. 11:41 am, +2.8 ft ebbing tide. The March rock slide has been washed away. ©AGS2014.
UCSB Beach, 11 September 2014. 11:12 am, +5.8 ft tide. ©AGS2014
UCSB Beach, 23 October 2014. 12:15 pm, +3 ft tide. Bedrock exposed at Anacapa steps, much kelp on beach opposite Marine Science Institute. ©AGS2014.
UCSB Beach, 11 December 2014. 11:53 am, +4.6 ft tide. Storm waves breaking against the seacliffs. ©AGS2014.
UCSB Beach, 12 December 2014. 11:50 am, +4.0 ft tide. This was a big storm 11-12 December 2014, but it happened during relatively low tides. ©AGS2014.
UCSB Beach, 31 December 2014. 12:27 pm, -0.1 ft tide. The storm of two weeks ago washed the base of the cliffs clean and left a thin veneer of beach sand. ©AGS2014.

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