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Berlin Wall - 1974

Viewing platform in West Berlin and image of Potsdamer Platz in 1929
View from the platform across the wall into Potsdamer Platz. The building on the left is in East Berlin. The wall curves around the plaza so that the buildings on the right are in West Berlin.


Two young ladies in red take in the wall at Potsdamer Platz on a gray summer day.

The wall is made of especially ugly, stacked concrete slabs.

The sign says Attention! You now leave West-Berlin.


Routine life goes right up to the wall in many places on the West Berlin side.



The wall at the Brandenburg Gate is made of concrete blocks arranged in coursed ashlar style.



The wall sliced right through the city, in some places the width of a city street with a "kill zone" down the center, which was covered with raked sand to disclose footprints. Standing tall on the West Berlin side and overlooking the wall into East Berlin is the free press of Axel Springer.
Not located directly on the wall was Checkpoint Charlie. The wall is in the background with its own gate and checkpoint and surmounted by an East German guard tower.


Berlin Wall - 2015

Model of slipshod, coursed ashlar Berlin Wall construction using hollow concrete blocks and mortar. Located in aisleway of mall beneath former Potsdamer Platz.


Topography of Terror exhibition along last remnant of Berlin Wall.


Two views of Berlin Wall remnants, 2015

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