Cliff-edge Pine Tree Victim of 21 January 2010 El Ninó


As far back as 13 November 2002 the tree's roots were hanging freely over the cliff face.


By 3 July 2009, most of the tree's roots are hanging out in thin air


16 October 2009. A big mound of dirt slid off the cliff face adjacent to the pine tree and onto the beach. Note the exposed tree roots and how the tree is at the edge of the cliff.

21 January 2010 was a day of strong wind and heavy rain. The tree finally detached from its hold on the top of the cliff and slid down the cliff face to the beach below.

On 21 January 2010, the pine tree has toppled and slide down the cliff face to the beach. This view is from the top of the cliff looking the slide path to the tree.

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