Disclaimer: The purpose of this pictoral essay is merely to display the waxing and waning of a beach as seen from nearly the same place but randomly in time. Picky people may object justifiably that these images represent but a glimpse of a complex spectrum of processes that determines the form of a beach at any moment in time, and any interpretations are pure speculations. Of course, and of course a continuous movie supported with sediment sample analyses, weather data, current meters, wave height recorders, and tide gauges are required to provide quantitative information about a beach. Some of those data are available, and someday, someone may compile some of that information to arrive at some central truths about some of the history and evolution of the UCSB beach and adjacent cliffs.

In the meantime, common courtesy would suggest that viewers wishing to use this pictoral essay for whatever purpose would acknowledge its author. Viewers desiring high quality copies of any or all of these images should also contact the author.

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