UCSB Beach Chronological Sequence - April 1972 to January 2020

UCSB Beach, 10 January 2019. 12:58 pm, +3 ft ebb tie following +4.7 ft high tide at 11:13 am. Waves sloshing against seacliff. ©AGS2019.
UCSB Beach, 17 January 2019. 12:53 pm, -0.4 ft low tide. A thin veneer of sand remains on bedrock platform following storm waves during preceding +5.8 ft high tide at 5:59 am. ©AGS2019
UCSB Beach, 18 January 2019. 7:55 am, +5 ft ebb tide following +6.1 ft peak high tide at 6:41 am. The waves return to slosh up the cliffs on a nice morning following yesterday's gloomy day. ©AGS2019
UCSB Beach, 25 January 2019. 12:26 pm, +3.8 ft tide. The sea is tranquil again following a week of King Tides and storm surf, and the base of the seacliff has been swept of talus and debris. ©AGS2019
UCSB Beach, 3 May 2019. 11:52 am, +3 ft ebb tide, following +3.8 ft high tide at 11:08 am PDT. ©AGS2019
Chrono 2019
UCSB Beach, 21 August 2019. 9:18 am, +2 ft rising tide following +1.7 low tide at 7:29 am. Gentle summertime waves cause sand to accumulate on the bedrock platform. The wide and relatively thick sandy accumulation buffers the seacliffs from direct wave erosion. Winter storm waves will remove the sand once agan and move it down coast. It is also during the summer when mass wasting talus accumulates at the base of the cliff. One fresh pile is at the cliff base in the left central part of the image. ©AGS2020
UCSB Beach, 28 September 2019. 1:03 pm, +1 ft ebb tide following +5.7 ft high tide at 10:00 am. Do you think that group of students realizes where the fresh pile of talus alongside them came from? ©AGS2019

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