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Five of the six of us drove up to Big Pine Creek on Sunday to stay overnight at Glacier Lodge with the idea of trying to get some acclimatization. We took our gear to Glacier Pack Train by 7 am next morning, went back to the lodge for a breakfast burrito, then parked our cars in the hikers' lot and started up the trail at 8:30 am. Lot of hikers coming out. We arrived at our camp at Fourth Lake at 2:30 pm after 8 miles of hiking and a 3000' elevation gain. Sean arrived the next afternoon and said it was one of the toughest hikes he had ever made, but he also agreed with everyone else that it is one of most beautiful parts of the Sierra Nevada he had ever seen. We had one evening of rain to dampen the dust, the night time temperature never got much below 40° F, the fishing was pretty good in the creek, the scenery is sublime, and the company was splendid.

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