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Society for the Preservation and Promulgation of the Name Arthur

Purposes (the purposes are serious, the society is less so)

  • To foster use of the name Arthur
  • To encourage new parents to name their boy babies Arthur

Origin of the name Arthur

Famous Namesakes

Add Your Name to the Membership (addresses of members are purposely not supplied unless they so insist)

Dues: None

Responsibilities: Adhere to the purposes of the Society


  • Arthur Gibbs Sylvester (Goleta, CA)
  • Arthur Feinfield (Los Angeles, CA)

Charter Members

  • Arthur Herbert Pritchard (+)
  • Arthur Aldritt (Goleta, CA)
  • Arthur Ayres (Santa Barbara, CA)

Members in Good Standing

  • Arthur Gilbert (Santa Barbara, CA)
  • Arthur Preston
  • Arthur Wahl (Oxnard, CA)
  • Arthur Wesley Pritchard (New York)
  • Arthur Donald Haykin (Bend, Oregon)
  • E. Arthur Wiessner (Yonkers, NY)
  • Arthur Richards (Tucson, AZ)
  • Arthur Richard Hirsch (Laguna Beach, CA)
  • Arthur Percy White (Manhattan, NY)
  • Arthur Twinamatsiiko (Uganda, Africa)
  • Arthur Llewellyn Moore (London)
  • Ezra Arthur Alvarez (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Arthur Swalley (Santa Barbara, CA)
  • Arthur Wilkie (Lucerne, CA)

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