Photographic Potpurri of a Vacation Trip to Austria, Hungary, and Romania

This site provides photographs of some eclectic subjects of my new Canon SD700 digital camera while on vacation in eastern Europe. The images are shared here simply for the enjoyment of family and friends.

The trip was largely by rental car through the eastern mountains and valleys of Austria and the north parts of Hungary and Romania. Budapest was only big city we visited, and all too briefly at that. We got over jet lag in Venice before taking the Allegro Stradivari train to Klagenfurt, Austria, where we rented a car and then drove into the central Austrian Alps, thence into Hungary to Budapest where we turned in the car. We then flew from Budapest to Cluj, Romania, where we met a guide by pre-arrangement. He drove us through northern Romania for several days, thence to Bucharest from where we flew back to Budapest, thence back home.